‘Technology’ is ever present in the lives of anyone engaged with, or living in, a networked society. That said, graphic designers can still make some form of claim for being at the forefront of technological progress. Many will be working for online and virtual environments, wrestling with ideas of future media and longevity or interfacing with other professions.

Innovations such as the digital printer or personal computer have completely revolutionized the entire cycle of production within graphic design. Our lives and worldviews are mediated by increasingly connected sets of emerging tools and interactions. Today, developments in artificial intelligence and automation simultaneously overshadow and enrich the future of the discipline. With such impending advances comes the more immediate need to discern the specificities of the tools and platforms we already engage with, and understand how to utilise, comment on, and communicate through these with a sense of nuance and criticality.

It is our goal with this project to discuss with other designers, and those related to the field, not only the technologies that directly augment or impact the cycle of production in design, but also how these produce broader affect and what the place of graphic designers could, or should, be within the world. We intend to be academic, at times, but remain accessible. To go into depth, but not to retreat into the siloing of knowledge.

As Marshall McLuhan said “We are all robots when uncritically involved with our technologies”. With Scripted Space we are aiming to not be robots, but cyborgs.

Scripted Space is a project by Joana Pestana and Max Ryan.
For more information please follow @scriptedspace or email at scriptedconversations@gmail.com.

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