The tones from your wake you up just in time to begin your morning routine. Fling on some clothes, have a bowl of cereal while scrolling , run out the door. Tap in your while simultaneously tapping on the button for that image your feed just served up. See what is trending on while struggling with the to refresh the content. Step off the and walk to work while listening to your curated playlist. 4G is back so you're reading the emails and at the same time getting into the studio. Switch on your from sleep mode to jump into Creative Cloud. Print out some tests before your 10am meeting. your doc into and send to your studio networked .

Technology is ever present in the lives of anyone engaged with or living in a networked society. That said, designers can still make a claim for being at the forefront of technological progress, as many will be working for online environments, wrestling with ideas of future media and longevity or trying to interface with other professions. Our worldviews are channeled and shaped by new, emerging, and increasingly connected sets of tools and interactions.

Technological innovations such as digital printers or personal computers have completely revolutionized the entire cycle of production of graphic design. Today, machine learning, sensory intelligence, artificial intelligence or automation simultaneously overshadows and enriches the future of the discipline. As longtime friend of Marshall McLuhan, John Culkin put it: “we shape our tools, and thereafter, our tools shape us”. The tools through which our culture is created, shared, remixed and archived deeply inform the work of designers. With these advances comes the need to understand the specificities of the technologies we work with and understand how to communicate through them with nuance and criticality.

It is our goal with this project to discuss with designers not only the technologies that affect the way they perceive and interact with the world but also the technologies that directly interfere in the cycle of production of design.

This platform will play host to a selection of curated interviews on how designers interface with technology.